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We built a behaviour change campaign with WWF and Sky to turn thousands of people into heroes for the ocean


In the race to tackle the climate and nature emergency, the ocean is one of our best solutions and our greatest hopes. In the UK, coastal systems are an economic lifeline, a home to British wildlife, a place for discovery and adventure and an unsung hero in climate recovery.

But UK seas were being forgotten and becoming fragile. WWF and Sky needed a galvanising campaign that would reach beyond the usual suspects and encourage everyone, no matter who they are, to take action to protect the ocean and help drive policy change for ocean recovery.

Bold, colourful and layered visual identity for the Ocean Heroes campaign. Enhancing the team nature of the campaign by assigning hero animals and colours to each influencer


How could we turn the British public into Ocean Heroes? A one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work. So instead, we tapped into people’s unique interests and abilities. We invited Britons to ‘discover their hidden ocean super power’.

Underpinned by Values Modes, the psychographic segmentation, we developed a campaign that tapped into people’s values and motivations. We designed an engaging quiz that revealed which Ocean Hero team the public would become part of. We then developed bespoke user journeys for each type of ocean hero, serving relevant behavioural asks that tapped into personal drivers and motivations.

Beyond the full campaign strategy and messaging, our work included the visual identity and art direction, tone of voice guidelines, hero film, social ads, website and email assets.
Organic social content, aimed at behaviour change and education
Team based content for targeted advertisement


Through the campaign, WWF and Sky recruited 270,000 Ocean Heroes with a total launch reach of 27.8 million impressions. Plus, 211,000 people signed a petition calling on the UK government to implement ocean recovery policy change, with 22 MPs signing up as Ocean Heroes themselves.


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